Facebook, twitter marketing.

Facebook marketing is quite simple, you can even do it yourself. so is twitter marketing. It involves creating a facebook page, getting people to follow the page and feeding them with updates and adverts.

If you want to go further and reach more people with your facebook page, Facebook introduced sponsored ads for you. You pay an ammount, and facebook shows your ad to more people who are not following your page.

It is going to become quite complicated if you are a small scale business and are too busy handling customers and other activities in your business, You may also feel risky exposing your creadit card details to the social media companies. That is where we come in handy. We manage your periodic ads, make sure the ads are working, and exclude your credit card from the deal.


Search engie marketing is not similar to search engine optimization, search engine optimization involves struggling hard to get your business on the top of google, bing, yahoo etc, search results.

Search engine marketiing on the other hand involves paying the search engine companies to get your business on the top list of most queries search results that are related to your business. This is perfect and it brings your ad at the top of search results

Again in this area we get in by saving you time you should have wasted figuring out how to do it and keeping your credit card credencials to yourself. This will also save you from unwanted auto renewal of payments. Yes. you got me right, your account is debited without confirming from you.