Search engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization/

Fact: - The most visited site in the internet is Google.

Search engine optimization is one of the most time consuming operations while starting online presence. But if it succeeds for you, You will be the greatest fetcher of online customers as compared to your competitors.

Search engine optimization is tricky and depends on many conditions. There are conditions that are controllable and those conditions that only the search engine can control.

The main issues that can be done to make sure your web pages rank on the first page and among the first in the list include mobile responsiveness, web page loading time, the content on your web page, Search engine Meta tags (like the language of search engines), rich snippets and schema markup .

Business listing on google and inserting your business location to google maps are part of our SEO package. So you dont have to worry about any listings.

Creative Kenya result on google maps.

How Creative Kenya appears on google maps.

Do not let anyone lie to you that you are guaranteed to get your website to be first in queries not mentioning your name. That is not for them to demand, We create the optimum conditions that apply for your web pages to be ranked among the first in google. The rest is upto google to rank them. But as far as your company name is unique, we guarantee you that the first result that appears if you search your business name is your business. We also focus on unique queries to make sure your business grabs them.

Google apearance of our clients.
The apearance of our client, Yasian Interiors on google.