Mobile Applications Development/

Fact: - Over 60% of Kenya's internet usage is through smartphones.

Android applications

Most Kenyan middle class indivinduals use android smart phones. Getting an android app for your business should be your first mobile app priority.

We make good deals in android app development, Dedicate more than 30% of our project time with you. Amazing, what other company does that? working in your presence.

IOS Applications

IOS is the operating system for apple devices. The second most popular smartphones in Kenya operate on IOS. Owned by a higher class of indivinduals.

Even though android should be a first priority, having and IOS application will increase your customer engagement with a noticeable difference.

Windows phone apps

Windows phone has quite a challenge whike creating apps for it, thats why most mobile application developers dont do windows phone.

It only takes a little more time than IOS and Android. Not many people use windows phones but a company that wants to support all their clients should have a windows app.

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