Data backup and recovery/

Fact: - More than 500 terabytes of data is LOST worldwide in a day.

Data backup and sync

There is no business without records, transaction receipts, quotations, accounts, proposals, invoices, Ledgers, journals, etc.

Agree with me that if a fraction of that data gets lost or damages, its going to cost you a fortune to recover from the mess, What about if you loose it all? Sorry for giving you nightmares.

The happiness of a business owner is directly proportional to how secure and safe the data is. We provide the most convenient way of accessing safe data. Yes using data that is backed up.

Once we have your attention we are going to set up a backup in all your computers to save data from special folders to Google cloud automatically and periodically. at intervals of an hour. The rate depends on the ammount of data your company produces per unit time.

Recovery of lost Data

Not everything is perfect, Computer systems crash, hard disks get corrupted, viruses attack and 'scare' your data away.

Not everyone is perfect too, People forget to backup, they wipe out gygabytes of important data by mistake, they forget to update antiviruses.

We do recover this data for you, Funny that it may cost you alot to recover a damaged hard disk and not all the data may be recovered but we can recover some of it.

It will cost you almost nothing to recover data that was backed up previously, in the cloud or manually.